Nick Nicolaou – Writer, Director, Producer

Nick Nicolaou has been working in the film & television industry for over 25 years in the field of special make-up effects. He is a Director of Make-up Effects Group (, one of the leading studios in the world for the creation of special prosthetic make-up effects, animatronic characters and creature effects.

Some of his film credits include, I,Frankenstein, The Wolverine, Cloud Street, 2:37, Nightmares & Dreamscapes, Silk, Candy, Feed, Man Thing, Matrix 2 & 3, Double Vision, Cut, The Matrix, Two Hands, The Island of Dr Moreau and Babe.

Nick always knew that his love of special make-up effects would be a stepping-stone towards his passion for writing & directing feature films. His company Genre Pictures ( was set up to help develop this dream.

Nick has various short film and feature film scripts to his name. He has adapted one of his feature film scripts, A NICE PLACE TO VISIT, a Sci-Fi/Conspiracy Adventure, set in 1963 America, into an independently produced concept promo/trailer. It was shot on Super 35mm and boasts a very stylish, elaborate and big budget feel.

Another trailer/short film directed by Nick, based on his feature screenplay, PARADISE LOST, won the Gold award for short form film at the Australian Cinematographer Society Awards in 2006. It’s a Drama/Horror film, about a man who has lost the love of his life to a senseless and tragic murder. He questions his faith and existence, as he struggles to find his way out of the darkness. The script was selected by Richard Taylor at WETA NZ, from over 50 script submissions and put into production development.

Nick has been production designer, producer, writer, director, and taken on various other key roles while developing all his projects.

In 2005 PARADISE LOST and DEAD END were picked up by producers. Dead End has been budgeted and steps taken to begin its development. Both projects were taken to the Canne open market seeking investor interest.

In 2006 a call-out for Director’s reels went out through ASDA (Australian Screen Directors Association) for an Australian film production called Prey, that was partially financed and seeking a Director to helm the project. Out of the hundreds of entries, Nick was selected in the final 3 applicants, but the project went to an already established director with a few major film credits under his belt.

In 2010 Nick began developing his feature film project MARY DOE, a Horror/Thriller Zombie film (



Kickstarter promotional presentations
Super 16mm trailer/promo based on feature script
Winner of the GOLD AWARD for short form film at the Australian
Cinematographer Society (ACS) Awards in 2006
Super 35mm concept trailer/promo based on feature script
Mini DV short film
IFILM film of the month - screened on the American Comedy Channel
2000 F
Mini DV short film



2009 MARY DOE - feature script
2006 CLUE LUST – feature script
2003 DEAD END - feature script
2001 PARADISE LOST - feature script
2001 SANTA’S LITTLE HELPERS - short film script
2001 THE LIFT - short film script
2001 A GIANT TALE - short film script
2000 WHAT A NIGHT - short film script
2000 TITANS FOREVER - feature script
2000 F - short film script
1999 A NICE PLACE TO VISIT – concept feature script


MAKE-UP EFFECTS GROUP (feature films - abbreviated list)

2014 Blacktrack Prosthetics, Make-up Effects Supervisors Michael Petroni
2012 The Wolverine (US) Prosthetics, Make-up Effects Supervisors James Mangold
2012 I, Frankenstein (US) Prosthetics, Make-up Effects Supervisors Stuart Beattie
2012 Redd Inc. Prosthetics, Make-up Effects Supervisors Dan Krige
2010 Needle Prosthetics, Make-up Effects Supervisors John V. Soto
2010 Cloudstreet Prosthetics, Make-up Effects Supervisors Matthew Seville
2007 Heyy Babyy Animatronic Make-up Effects Supervisors Sajid Khan
2006 Black Water Special Make-up Effects Nerlich/Traucki
2005 2:37 Prosthetics, Special Make-up Effects Murali K. Thalluri
2005 Nightmares and Dreamscapes (US) Prosthetics, Special Make-up Effects Cootes/Hayes  
2005 Gone Prosthetics, Make-up Effects Supervisors Ringan Ledwidge
2005 Silk (US/HK) Prosthetics, Make-up Effects Supervisors Chao-Bin Su
2005 Candy Realistic Still Born Baby Model Neil Armsfield
2005 Charlottes Web (US) Animatronic Pig Sculpture Gary Winick
2005 Feed Prosthetic Make-up Supervisors Brett Leonard
2004 The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe (US) Prosthetics Technician/Make-up Andrew Adamson
2003 Man Thing (US) Make-up Effects, Creature Suit Fabrication Brett Leonard
2002 Darkness Falls (US) Special Make-up Effects, Puppeteering Jonathan Liebesman
2002 Ned *Prosthetic Make-up Supervisors Abe Forsythe
2002 The Great Raid (US) Prosthetic Wound Fabrication John Dahl
2002 Matrix Revolutions (US) Prosthetics, Special Make-up Effects Wachowski Bros.
2002 Matrix Reloaded (US) Prosthetics, Special Make-up Effects Wachowski Bros.
2001 Double Vision (US/HK) Prosthetics, Make-up Effects Supervisors Chen Kuo-Fu
2001 Cyber Wars (US) Prosthetic Make-up Effects Supervisors Jian Hong Kuo
1999 Cut *Prosthetics, Make-up Effects Supervisors Kimble Rendall
1998 The Matrix (US) *Animatronic Make-up Effects Supervisors Wachowski Bros.
1998 Two Hands Prosthetic Make-up Fabrication Greggor Jordan
1996 Paws Animatronic Dog Effects Supervisors Karl Zwicky
1995 The Island of Dr Moreau (US) Prosthetic Make-up Application John Frankenheimer
1995 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (US) Prosthetic Make-up Fabrication Bryan Spicer  
1994 Babe Sculpting, Painting & Finishing Chris Noonan
1987 Critters 2 (US) Special Make-up Effects Mick Garris

* Inaugural Australian Make-up Artists Award for ‘Best Special Make-up Effects and Animatronics’