A Nice Place To Visit

1963 - The Kennedy Era - Camelot. An assassination - a cover-up.

Johnny Carver is thrown into a world of power, conspiracy and chaos, as hidden memories reveal a dark past – a life that has been manipulated and moulded for a sinister purpose.

What happened in the '4 days in November' that could shake the very foundations of our society, yet allow the Sandman to enter our dreams and keep us sleeping.

We follow Johnny Carver, your average ventriloquist, and his menagerie of alien friends through the unfolding events, to see if they can make a difference to a world – NO, a universe off balance. Information collides with dis-information. Human order is changed forever.

A Nice Place to Visit is an adventure comic-style take on conspiracy theories - a satirical, zany and black look at a time that blinded a human consciousness.

The Truth is… Out There!

A Nice Place To Visit. Copyright © All Rights Reserved. Nick Nicolaou 2017