Clue Lust

The 2nd film in the ‘Femme Fatale Trilogy’.

In order to exorcise ones demons, one must first confront why they exist!

Private Detective Jessi Marone is handed an open and shut case – ‘missing persons’. She should have it solved by the end of the day. What she gets instead is a murder case that nearly gets her killed. And what she didn’t expect was to fall in love. But when you find love – you’ll tear the world apart if anyone tries to take it from you. And that’s what she might have to do as the investigation raises the dead of a forgotten past – literally - the whole town is overrun by zombies.

ClueLust is a detective horror/comedy story – love, murder and zombies – has true love got any chance?

ClueLust. Copyright © All Rights Reserved. Nick Nicolaou 2017