Mary Doe

The 1st film in the ‘Femme Fatale Trilogy’.

An endless trek across the scorched desert and the insignificant form that is Mary Doe, has exhausted all life within her. Rescued from death's door, she finds herself abandoned with five men, in the strange decommissioned government biological weapons facility of SAN EDEN.

A bullet wound to the chest, her only link to the past.

A toxin has been unleashed and the flesh hungry Mutants hold everyone captive. Time is running out. Mary must battle for survival as the Mutants breach the bunker walls.

Lost, with no memory of who she is, Mary must unravel her troubled past and find a reason to want to live. But the secrets the bunker has buried for so long, may imprison her there forever.

Who is Mary Doe? Why is she so important to this harsh, apocalyptic world?

Mary Doe. Copyright © All Rights Reserved. Nick Nicolaou 2017