Titans Forever

Nathan & Josh are closest of friends. Bound in every sense and together on every adventure, yet nothing will prepare them for the titanic battle they will fight to stop their lives from being ripped apart.

A Murderer has escaped and a two-year-old crime investigation is re-ignited. Nathan and Josh have to pay off a gambling debt to someone that will kill them both if they do not deliver. They struggle to find the money, and as the stakes grow, the murders begin again – worlds collide as the maze of clues unravel and Nathan and Josh become embroiled in the Murderer’s plans.

Titans Forever is a psychological thriller about friendship, murder and the game that is played to stay alive.

When we think we have finished with the past, we find in reality, that the past hasn’t finished with us!

Titans Forever. Copyright © All Rights Reserved. Nick Nicolaou 2017